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Enjoy professional recording through intuitive operation that doesn’t need a computer
Digital recording system that will make all musicians’ dreams come true

The DP-24SD DIGITAL PORTASTUDIO features 8-track simultaneous recording that can withstand sophisticated music productions, while achieving both simultaneous 24-track playback and intuitive operationalization through various specialized operational elements.
Furthermore, it is equipped with a mastering effect, making it a multi-track recorder (MTR) that can perform professional recording and audio production without requiring the use of computers.

Simultaneous 8-track recording with 8 XLR/TRS combo connectors

The DP-24SD has 8 XLR/TRS combo inputs that can withstand multi-microphone recording with drums.
Phantom power supply is also possible, including direct guitar input. With dynamic effects, which are indispensable for high-quality recording, up to 8 effects can be selected for inputs simultaneously.
In addition, the DP-24SD comes with built-in guitar multi-effects, tuner, and metronome, allowing users to complete recording preparations with this device alone.
This means the time you would normally spend on preparation is freed up for music production instead.

When it comes to mixing, users can perform a speedy mix-down with intuitive operation thanks to the full-color LCD, encoders, and faders of the DP-24SD.
Mixing effects that are available include reverbs and spatial effects that you can use to enhance your music, resulting in audio with quality as high as that of professional studio productions.
After mixing is done, final touches can be added by using the built-in mastering effect.
From the moment you switch the device on to mastering your audio production, the DP-24SD creates a professional production environment without a computer.



Tascam DP24SD - Multi Track Recorder

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