Tanglewood Roadster-II TWRD-II Natural


Product information

The Tanglewood Roadster II is inspired by nature and the raw beauty of classic timber, Roadster II instruments make a truly organic and understated natural statement. Just as driving a classic open top car with the wind in your hair! Our luthiers have to work especially hard in creating this look, finishing the smooth edging joins of the body very carefully because there is no binding added to the body of these models, therefore no margin for error.

The Tanglewood Roadster II Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar in Natural Cedar is a no-frills acoustic guitar with a great tone and playability. The solid cedar top provides a slightly darker and 'sweeter' tone and is a very welcome addition at this price-point. The 'dreadnought' body shape is the one of the largest acoustic guitar styles and provides a sonorous tone - ideal for strumming but equally capable of flat-picking and fingerpicking styles.

Technical specifications

Brand Tanglewood
Condition New