Marshall Silver Jubilee 2525H Design Store (1 off)


Product information

This is a 1 off from Marshall UK Design Store. Pictures of the actual amplifier.

The 2525HTM delivers the heavy grit and sparkling classic rock tones of 1987. Based on the 25th anniversary Silver Jubilee series, this 20W 2525H has two footswitchable channels, a sleek silver look and a portable structure. With the ability to add extra distortion and reduce power this amp is perfect for those who love everything from rock to metal and want to play in different environments.


Just like the original that kicked off the Marshall crunch revolution and changed the face of modern amplifiers forever.

Switch between two channels using the pull channel and go from dirty overdrive to shimmering cleans.

Play in a variety of environments from rehearsal to the small venue. Take this one step further and play in your bedroom using the power reduction feature and go from 20W to 5W.

The pull rhythm clip lets you add in extra distortion if you desire, to really add in that crunch.

Technical specifications

Brand Marshall
Condition New