Darco Acoustic 80/20 Bronze Strings - 10-47


Product information

Made By C.F. Martin & Co

Strength, clarity, musicality, reliability. The sweet chime of nickel and steel. If you take away the bells and whistles, the magic coatings and dodecahedron cores, the chrome-plated alloys and all the markups that make strings cost more, what really makes a great guitar string?

Quality, tone, and value are what Darco® strings promises you in every pack: as superb a guitar string as any other, at a price that means your sound can shine, all of the time.

Even the best strings break and, last we checked, the going rate for nickel was a nickel. That’s why Darco® strings strives to deliver meticulously constructed strings of authentic nickel and steel at a price that means you can keep a spare pack of Darco® strings in the gig bag, a few sets in the van, a pack at the space, a set at home, a set for the emergency onstage string change, the pre-gig peace-of-mind string swap, and the bright-and-chimy heading-to-the-studio, fresh-set change.

Technical specifications

Brand Martin & Co
Condition New