Danelectro DC59 12 - Vintage White


Product information

The chime of an electric 12-string is hugely evocative. Most guitar fans think immediately of the dramatic opening chord in A Hard Day’s Night in 1964, or the intro to The Byrds’ version of Mr Tambourine Man from the following year, both of which helped cement the electric 12 in the sonic vocabulary of the 60s. Rediscovered for the rock ballads of the 70s and 80s, the richly layered sound makes the simplest of riffs sound memorable.

In a supporting role behind vocals, it fills out the sound stage, adding body and richness. However, by the same token, it might not be a sound you want to use all the time – so shelling out the big money associated with vintage classics and their reissues might not be a top priority. Enter the Danelectro DC59 12-string – at a fraction of the price, it’s all set to produce some
classic jangle.

Brand Danelectro
Condition New