Cort NDX Baritone - Natural

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Product information

The new NDX Baritone acoustic-electric guitar is designed for guitarists who want to play in lower-than-standard tuning, but struggle with intonation and thicker strings on standard acoustic models.

The extended 27” scale length provides greater clarity and punch for detuned low strings while maintaining the tension you are used to with standard tuning on standard scale length guitars.

The NDX Baritone’s top soundboard features a carefully engineered scalloped X bracing to maximize resonance as well as balance over the guitar’s extended sonic range.

A solid top is essential on an acoustic guitar for realizing its maximum potential. Adding a solid back complements the solid top with enhanced sonic depth for lowered tunings. The solid top and back combination will also improve the guitar’s sound as it ages.

The Presys mic-pickup and preamp system delivers the natural acoustic character of the guitar to the amplifier or PA with transparency and balance while offering maximum tonal control and flexibility in a small unobtrusive format.

Brand Cort
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