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Revelation RJT-60 12-String - Vintage White

A truly great 12-string electric at a great price.
Brand: Revelation
Condition: New
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It's a striking looking guitar drawing some inspiration from the Jazzmaster shape.

The RJT-60 has an all alder body which is light in weight, resonates well and matches nicely a Canadian maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, giving a balanced tone overall, airing slightly on the bright side.

Tuning stability came courtesy of increased strength nickel tuners and bridge with trem, all set up perfectly well with no tuning or intonation issues. The fretboard is a pleasure to play with a user friendly action, smooth frets and giant markers to prevent you getting lost. At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking this guitar was loaded with two humbuckers but they are in fact single coils designed by Entwistle and they have a pretty cool trick up their sleeve.  There's a three-way switch to select between the two pickups or the two combined, however, there is also a five-way switch at the top of the guitar that further alters the tone from each pickup. You could select the bridge pickup for brightness then use the five-way switch to slightly blend in the tone of the neck and cut some of the high end, meaning there are many tonal possibilities to this guitar. It's a great idea and works very well.

This is a great looking guitar with a pallete of tonal options. The finish, attention to detail and set up were all top notch, and I was even more impressed once I saw the price tag. Alan Entwistle is a well respected name in the guitar community and he wouldn’t put his name to something that he didn’t believe in and his fantastic pickups work a treat in this guitar. If you are in the market for something a little different or have some spare cash for another addition to the family you won’t go far wrong with the Revelation RJT-60.

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