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Fender Chromatic Green Tuner GT-1000 (Wind-up Power Tuner)

The Fender GT-1000 Green Tuner requires no battery to operate. This tuner is one of the greatest, turn up to the gig, to find you tuner battery dead. Just crank up the winder and your tuner has power. It even has a flashlight for dark stages.
Brand: Fender
Condition: New
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Fender Chromatic Green Tuner GT-1000 is the world’s first battery-less tuner and delivers an entirely new concept in guitar tuning. Fender Chromatic Green Tuner GT-1000 requires a few crank turns to get it up and running and then you're off. With Chromatic Green Tuner GT-1000 there's no need for expensive and wasteful batteries.

Recommended instructions for usage: The first time you use the GT-1000 Chromatic Green Tuner it’s a good idea to “prime” the power cells by turning the crank 20 times. Any time you use it after that, 5 to 10 turns will do the trick. There is NO need to charge the Fender Chromatic Green Tuner GT-1000 unless the lights on the tuner are dim. To conserve cell power, please turn the power off when not in use.

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